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Vivlion technology - girl reading a book from the library - diversity, uniformity, simplicity
Vivlion’s proprietary 3Cs technology to produce PRCISR gRNA libraries enables next generation CRISPR screening. It avoids PCR-amplification of oligo pools, restriction and ligation cloning, thereby overcoming major problems of conventional library generation. The unique production process uncouples sequence diversity and sequence distribution, resulting in uniformly distributed libraries.

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Check out our key features:

1. Unlimited diversity

Our PRCISR CRISPR libraries can be made in any diversity, without compromising on quality. Both single and dual-combinatorial formats are available containing up to XXX targets.

2. Superior performance

PRCISR CRISPR libraries have an exceptionally well-balanced gRNA representation enabling you to identify all your targets. They are strictly quality-controlled by next generation sequencing.

3. Convincing simplicity

With our PRCISR reagents you do not have to worry about experiment size. You will get better results with less library coverage, reducing the amount of required cell culture work.

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The heterogeneity problem

Uniformity matters! Imagine a genome-wide pooled CRISPR/Cas screen, with each gene being targeted by two gRNAs – this adds up to more than 40.000 gRNAs. If these thousands of gRNAs are not evenly distributed in the pool, a bias is introduced in gene editing events, leading to errors in identification of enriched or depleted genes, which in turn severely impacts on reliability of the obtained screening data. In the worst case, you will miss out on promising true targets whilst obtaining false positives.

Besides compromising on data quality, the heterogeneity problem also causes screening experiments to be excessive in size, to maintain statistical power. The formula is simple: the higher the library skew, the larger the experimental setup needed to obtain valid results.

Our 3Cs technology avoids the uniformity problem by (i) not relying on conventional cloning techniques and (ii) proprietary gRNA selection algorithms. PRCISR CRISPR libraries are evenly distributed and enable minimized experimental setups, even for complex biological questions.


Vivlion - six main benefits
Some of our key benefits include:

  • Uniform PCR-free libraries
  • High gene editing efficiency
  • Combinatorial solutions – multigenetic and paralog exploration
  • CRISPR screening with limited cell material
  • Screening & bioinformatics services
  • Experimental strategy & design

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Uniform PCR-free libraries

Coverage is key – make sure that all your target genes are properly represented with our equally distributed CRISPR libraries.

High gene editing efficiency

PRCISR libraries  aredesigned to maximize gene editing efficiency (>90%) and hit retention rate.

Combinatorial solutions – multigenetic and paralog exploration

Discover your target by exploring interdependent genes & synthetic lethality effects. Vivlion’s combinatoric libraries enable Genetic Interaction mapping with >1 million gene edits reaching.

CRISPR screening with limited cell material

Overcome limitations of primary/iPS cell material (dual/ triple and lenti/retro abilities).

Screening & bioinformatics services

Customized support with bioinformatic tools, data analysis & interpretation.

Experimental strategy & design

Customized support for experimental planning of innovative CRISPR applications.

Products & Services

Vivlion - products and services

We provide solutions for your CRISPR experiments: Our PRCISR CRISPR gRNA libraries come in single and combinatorial formats and can be fully customized. Our range of CRISPR screening services caters for all needs, starting with experimental design, via performance of screens up to bioinformatic analysis. Vivlion is the one-stop shop for next generation CRISPR screening!


Vivlion testimonials

We are dedicated to delivering highest quality research tools and services, and are pleased to share feedback from our customers and partners in life science industries about their experiences with our PRCISR CRISPR technology. We look forward to serving your CRISPR needs next!

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