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Vivlion’s proprietary PRCISRTM CRISPR technology enables next generation CRISPR screening. For the preparation of gRNA libraries, the technology avoids PCR-amplification of oligo pools as well as restriction and ligation-based cloning, thereby overcoming the major challenges in the generation of conventional libraries. In addition, it decouples sequence diversity and sequence distribution, resulting in uniformly distributed libraries.
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Superior performance

PRCISRTM CRISPR libraries have gRNA representation of exceptional uniformity (skew < 2) in order to identify all targets. The libraries are strictly quality-controlled by NGS.

Unlimited diversity

PRCISRTM CRISPR libraries can be made in any diversity without compromising on reagent quality. Both single and dual-combinatorial gRNA library formats are available.

Maximized efficiency

PRCISRTM CRISPR libraries downscale experimental size (x10), delivering optimum results with significantly less library coverage and cell culture material, saving time and costs.

 Uniformity matters!

The heterogeneity problem

Uniformity matters! A genome-wide pooled CRISPR/Cas screen, with each gene targeted by 2 gRNAs, contains more than 40.000 gRNAs. If these gRNAs are not evenly distributed in the pool, then you will face the following challenges:

  • Low data quality: During the screen, bias is introduced in gene editing events – this leads to errors in the identification of enriched or depleted genes, which in turn severely impacts on the reliability of the screening data. In the worst case, you will miss out on promising true targets whilst obtaining false positives.
  • Prohibitive experimental size: To maintain statistical power, the screening experiments may need to be excessive in size. The higher the library skew, the larger the experimental setup needed to obtain valid results.

Vivlion’s PRCISR™ CRISPR technology enables uniformly distributed libraries by removing PCR and conventional cloning techniques during production. PRCISR™ CRISPR libraries are evenly distributed enabling minimized experimental setup and robust data quality.


Vivlion - library Experimental strategy and design: Our expert team offers comprehensive support for the design and planning of your CRISPR experiments.
Vivlion - library PCR-free uniform libraries: our uniformly distributed PRCISRTM  CRISPR libraries ensure that all your target genes are properly represented.
Vivlion - library High gene editing efficiency: PRCISRTM CRISPR libraries maximize gene editing efficiency, resulting in >90% editing rates.
Vivlion - library Limited cell material: PRCISRTM CRISPR libraries enable low experimental coverage, allowing the screening of limited cell material (e.g. iPS cells, primary).
Vivlion - library Multigenetic exploration: Combinatorial PRCISRTM CRISPR solutions enable genetic interaction testing and target discovery at unprecedented scale.
Vivlion - library Tailored services: We deliver screening and bioinformatic services, from experimental planning to sophisticated tools for data analysis & integration.

“We are thrilled to work with Vivlion for their high-quality CRISPR libraries that have excellent guide representation. The superb quality of their products and technical support has made them a highly valued contributor. Vivlion’s genome-wide CRISPR libraries will enable us to continue discovering synthetic lethal drug targets with lower false negative rates, which will ultimately benefit cancer patients in need of new therapeutic options.”

Jordan Young, PhD

Director of SNIPRx® platform, Repare Therapeutics

Products & Services

We provide a range of solutions for your CRISPR experiments: Our PRCISRTM CRISPR gRNA libraries come in single and dual-combinatorial formats and can be fully customized. Our range of CRISPR screening services cater for all needs, starting with experimental design via performance of screens up to bioinformatic analysis.

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Vivlion - superior performance, parallalization


Vivlion - superior performance, parallalization


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